Sunday, October 26, 2014

Sports Tracker App for recording rides

So I have a new favorite way to track my rides and horse workouts.  It's an app for your smartphone called Sports-Tracker, and it uses your GPS to record a map of your route, your speed, your time, and numerous other functions.  Yesterday I took Teddy out for a ride, and here's the "dashboard" of info:

I think what I like most is just the sense of accomplishment I get from looking back at what I've done!


Mary Ann said...

I’ve been using Strava to track my rides, but the problem is that it is designed primarily as a competitive logging platform for bike riders and runners. This sports tracker looks like a vast improvement over Strava. I will certainly be using it from now on out.

Britanica B. said...

I will have to share this one with my niece. She owns a small horse and goes riding him every weekend. I can see her being a par ranger (that rides a horse) in a few years. She is great with horses and has been since she was only 10! Anyways, this sounds like it would be a great took when she is out by herself or with a few friends. I never heard of it but I will be recommending it! :)