Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Little Wookie!

April, my Welsh Pony, had a foal on October 14th of last year.  I suspected that she had been (accidentally) bred by Atticus, my Friesian cross stallion, as she proceeded to grow larger over the winter and into Spring.  However, when Spring came with no foal, then Summer came and went with no foal, I began to suspect she was just obese, was about to start her on a strict diet.  Luckily, before I put that plan into action, I came out one morning to be greeted by this scene!

He is absolutely adorable, and looks just like a little Friesian.  Unfortunately (well, depending on one's perspective, I suppose), he will ultimately "gray out", meaning turn all white just like his mother.  She is homozygous for the graying gene, which is dominant.  However, I still have no idea how big he will get.  According to my vet, the size of the foal in utero is determined by the size of the mare, but that doesn't mean they won't shoot up in size once born.  I'm thinking he'll be large pony size at this point.  Oh yes, he was named Wookie by Jared, due to his extreme fuzziness.  Here are a few more pics: