Thursday, October 30, 2014

Cuddling critters

Now that it's getting a bit brisk out, I'm sure I will have a lot more photos to post of Zoey (the dog) and Precious (the cat) cuddling together on the bed.  It sometimes seems like that makes up half the photos in my camera!


Mary Ann said...

Fantastic post, I've recently been looking into getting some pet ducks myself. I will certainly be trying some of their eggs when I get them! Thanks for recommending the nite-guard, it looks a brilliant solution to preventing predators attacking, which is a constant problem with my chickens.

Britanica B. said...

I have two German Shepherds and 2 cats. They never get all cuddly like this though! haha The one is still a puppy and too hyper, always fights with the cats and the other one gets nervous when he sees the cats playing. He will run right up and bop them on the head this his front paw. lol