Sunday, October 26, 2014

Horsie Halloween Costumes

Now that it's October, it's time to think about what your horse will be for Halloween.  

This is now an annual tradition for Knot Just Rope, (Photo above) who says on the Facebook page that they have been painting their horse as a skeleton for three years in a row now.  I understand from others who have painted animals that they use tempura paint, as it's non-toxic and can be easily washed off.  

There are lots of animal costume ideas on Pinterest.  Here is one that I think is just fabulous:
Giraffe Horse: From

Here are a couple of good ones from 


Little Bo Peep


Mary Ann said...

Why in my 17 years of owning horses have I never thought of this! This is genius. Halloween may be tomorrow, but I’m totally going to try this. Is the tempera paint difficult to apply? Also does it come off when the horse sweats? I only did a show with my old black horse, but she had a white patch, so we decided to paint it, but in the middle of the show, the horse was sweating and the paint came off!

Britanica B. said...

Too cute! I love the black horse with bones! I wonder if my niece ever thought to do this. I would imagine you have to have a very calm horse with a trusting bond. I have a hard enough time putting things on my dogs and cats, I can't imagine dressing up a horse! haha