Saturday, February 26, 2011

Side Saddle jumping

This photo, taken in 1915, shows Mrs. Esther Stace, from Yarrowitch, riding sidesaddle and clearing a record 6'6" at the Sydney Royal Show.  It is from the Walcha Historical Society.

Pretty impressive, I must say!  Although from what I've heard, riding side saddle is actually pretty secure.  The saddle has something called a "leaping horn", which the lady can grip with her legs.  I have always been interested in riding side saddle, although I've never been able to come up with sufficient justification to buy one.  Other than dressing up in fancy costumes and riding through the park, of course. Which would really impress the birds and deer, I'm sure.  I'm kinda odd that way... I have a lot of mismatched, raggedy clothes for working around the farm, but when I go riding, I like to have a top that coordinates well with my breeches.  Go figure!