Thursday, August 25, 2016

Treat and Prevent Hoof Infections with Oxine AH

I love using Oxine (which can be purchased on Amazon) for all sorts of disinfecting around the farm.  I add a little to the water troughs and my rain barrels, use it to clean feed and water buckets, so on and so forth.  However, one of it's best uses is in treating hoof ails, such as thrush, abscesses, and insect bits, cuts, scratches on horse legs.  Here is an excellent article with all the details, including mixing ratios and how to use it:

Treat and Prevent Hoof Infections with Oxine AH: Oxine AH is a powerful weapon against fungal and bacterial infections of the hoof and lower leg – such as thrush, white line disease, and scratches – yet it doesn’t harm living tissue when us…